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Arcata Partners is an analytical and advisory firm with clear and focused industry specialization. We are an established leader in providing analyses, forecasts, and custom research for the road-building sector. Among our clients are not o­nly the leading road-building companies but also providers of machinery, producers of mineral aggregates, as well as financial institutions (see a selected list of our clients).

Industry focus

We specialize in the following industries:

  • road building industry;
  • materials used for building roads - mineral aggregates, hot mix asphalt,
    bitumen, bitumen emulsions.

Market environment

Depending o­n the needs of a particular project, we concentrate o­n:

  • markets, i.e. looking from the point of view of the demand and clients;
  • industry, i.e. the companies - producers or service providers (of the particular products considered).

Time frame

Depending o­n the nature of a particular project, we develop and provide:

  • forecasts, e.g. market forecasts of the demand for a particular product / service - we have a proven methodology of building our own sophisticated forecast models;
  • analysis and assessment of the present situation in the market / industry under consideration.


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