Research Report 2016: Road-building companies in Poland

Research reports by Arcata Partners, in particular the annual report o­n the road-building companies, are widely acclaimed sources of knowledge about the road-building segment of the Polish infrastructure construction sector.
  • 14-th edition of the Report
  • Special addition - companies' risk
  • 500 pages
  • Industry standard: an efficient, professional tool used by the road-building companies, firms that cooperate with them, as well as by firms and institutions interested in the sector’s condition, evolution, and trends
  • Market forecasts untill 2023 - we distinguish different market segments as well as money that go to the road-building companies (which constitute merely a part of the global funds for building and maintaining roads in the country)
  • Full picture of the sector: 420 companies analyzed (their combined revenue exceeds 35 billion PLN)
  • Evolution of the industry over the last 20 years
  • The main body of research is based o­n the companies’ financial statements (over 7100 statements used) and additional annual surveys
  • Performance of individual companies, the whole population, as well as segments of the sector
  • Two volumes: Vol.I – descriptive, in Polish (200 pp), Vol.II– ranking tables (300 pp)
  • Statistical analysis: distributions, means, medians, deviations, trends, segmentation
  • Easy to read and use, includes numerous graphs and tables

The last edition includes also:

  • Our forcast of the road-building market for the years 2017-2023
  • Estimated changes (in 2016) of the prices of raw materials used for road building
  • Risk analysis of the whole industry, as well as individual companies

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Raport o firmach drogowych

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Monitoring pozycji firmy na tle branży
Doradztwo dla firm drogowych


Raport o producentach mebli

II edycja: Raport 2017


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